procedure for Digital Technology

Students will have deadlines set for each task to ensure students have enough time to complete all assessments with required teaching time. Students that are away for any justified reason 1 extra period for every 2 days they are away as the end of year date doesn't move and this time will need to be caught up.

Students that hand in completed assessments on time will be permitted 1 class (1 hour) to resubmit work to improve grades or fix mistakes. This resubmission class will happen 2 weeks after the intial deadline, students will only receive knowledge on what their grade is when doing their resubmission.

There is a grace time period of 2 weeks for students to complete the project/ assessment in their own time as class time will move onto the next topic. Students that submit their work inside this grace period will receive the grade but will not be given a resubmission opportunity to fix any mistakes.

Students failing to meet the deadline and the 2 week grace period will receive a failing grade with no opportunity to revisit the standard in anyway.



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