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Ethos of Digital Technology at SBHS

Digital Technology is a newer development at Southland Boys High School in terms of the changes towards computer sciences, programming, digital media and digtal information (databases) in alignment to the new NCEA standards.

The view of Digital Technology is that students will be delve into the deeper concepts of Digital Technologies. The aim is to empower students with a foundation to enable them to enter areas within the digital industry.

Students will be taught to read and write code for web using html5 and css3 in conjunction with Google Chrome development tools and eventually javaScript and jQuery. Students also learn the art of programming first in an introductory visual code language called scratch, in years to follow students will be writting apps or games using javaScript and the use of the JavaScript Canvas this an Indie level platform. Their knowledge will be broadened and deepend through computer science and the understanding gained of algorithms, human computer interaction and more, see the projects page for more informaiton.

Digtal Technologies classes Digtal Technologies starts at year 7 for a compulsary 7 - 8 week rotation (4 hours per week) giving all students an introduction to the subject and what is has to offer. Again at year 9 for a compulsary 6 - 7 week rotation (4 hours per week) building upon the knowledge gained at year 7. Students then choose to take the subject and will have 20 weeks or half a year (4 hours per week) students will be cover topics in much greater depths and they will have enough time to compelete assessed projects to help ready them for the requirements of NCEA. These projects are displayed on this website by all students to give home a clear picture of what students are learning and how their sons are doing next to the other students in their class. Years 11 - 13 are chosen options for an entire year that will go for an entire year, there are no exams for the subject but written reports done in class time that are sent to external markers and grades are recieved at the same time traditional end of year end grades come in.

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