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Over the years I (Keanu Christian Hodges - Creator and Designer of The Hodges Branding Scheme) have worked to Create the the most sort after Brand that meets the needs of those who buy them.
I have Improved the brand, which is why this year my brand is
EMINENCE [em-uh-nuhns] derived from The Mother word; Preeminent:


I want this Brand of mine to Surpass and be Distinguished from my previous brands.

In order to pursue the goal of being Preeminant, the Merchandise on offer from the best suppliers of New Zealand.

With the best Quality products, this brand is EMINENCE.

Just like My Previous brands:

""Comfort is our No. 1 priority when it comes to clothing.
Everyone enjoys wearing a nice cool, cosy, or soft T-shirt, Polo or Hoodie. So we have your needs covered.

Compatibility is next when we think of our brand and products. We want you to be able to wear them any where or with anything. I mean you might not want to wear something that doesn't match your style, but what we do have might be something for you. For instance we have your common T-shirts, Polos, Hoodies, Jackets and some accessories to go with your day to day wear. We want you to be able to enjoy our clothing with or without a branded logo. So we have made it that some of our clothing doesn't have a big logo on the front but still having a small logo on the back. So we have your needs sorted." " The rest, well, it's EMINENCE.

To have a look at the Clothing that is on for offer,
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